Hooks and looks

feathered treble hook of topwater bass fishing lure

The Hardcore Popper has a nice set of round bend black nickel No. 4 treble hooks on it. I like the round bend on a topwater like this since fish will often just swipe at a bait. With some of the other style hooks where the hook point is turned in a little, you have less of a chance of hooking these swiping bass than you do with the round bend.

The back treble is also feathered, which I really like on a popper as well. It gives off the look of a baitfish’s tail and really masks the hook well, which helps lure the bass in since it’s right there in their face. There are also little details molded into this bait like its gill plates and scale patterns. These may realistically do more to catch my attention than that of a bass but I really like the added detail nonetheless. Perhaps that detail accompanied by the feathered tail treble is just enough to convince a hesitant bass to bite.