Hooks and components

bass eats lipless crankbait

This bait comes stock with a good set off round-bend hooks. Though I typically like EWG hooks on a lipless crankbait, I left the stock hooks on this lure while I was testing it and I was well pleased by them. They held up to several fish catches without bending and are still super sticky sharp to the touch. They’re long-shank hooks and are sized well to cover the whole bait without being too big to the point they’re constantly hanging on one another.

The rest of the trimmings on this bait are strong as well. Solid, well-mounted hook hanger and line tie eyes accompanied by quality black nickel split rings. With treble hook baits, you have to pay close attention to the split rings as some of the cheaper ones can be sprung by the manufacturer in the process of opening them up to attach the hooks. This is why it’s important to use quality components like Yo-Zuri did here with the split rings on the Rattl’n Vibe One Knock.