These Gamakatsu hooks are sharp, stout and have a round bend with a normal-length shaft. I like hooks like these on topwaters compared to short shank triple grip style hooks because they offer a better chance of doing exactly what these did, hooking a fish even if it just swipes at the bait. The fault was not with the hook, but my choice of accompanying equipment.

The heavy, low-stretch fluorocarbon I was using along with the stiff rod was way too much for this presentation. Ideally, you’d want to go with something like 15- or 20-pound monofilament paired with a 7-foot medium-heavy action rod at most. Or possibly even 30-pound braid with a 7-foot medium-action rod. If you did go with braid though, you’d want to make sure you back off the drag as the fish nears the boat to also prevent opening up the hooks on a big one since the braid has near zero stretch.

Also, both braid and monofilament lines float, where the fluorocarbon I had on sinks and pulls down on the nose of the bait. This impedes the action and is another reason I should have been more careful instead of just grabbing for a rod to tie this bait onto. Let’s talk about that action some more though.