I found the hook selection on the Team Ark Elite Z-Series 63mm Lipless Crankbait to be a little peculiar at first glance. I’m normally a big fan of short-shank, triple-grip style hooks for lipless crankbaits and squarebills. I have actually already reviewed a couple of Ark’s hard baits in their CT35 Squarebill and MiniDiver, both of which come pre-rigged with Mustad Triple Grips. So I found it interesting they went with another option for a lipless.

But instead of being snooty and swapping the hooks out straight out of the pack and in order to review the bait as is, I left the stock hooks on. I have actually been pleasantly surprised. The Japanese-made Ichikawa Treble Hooks that come on the bait are strong, super sharp and have a different bend to them that has been really effective at keeping fish pinned. Not many folks know about it but a lot of the world’s top-tier professional anglers have quietly been throwing Ichikawa hooks for years. These hooks are often sold out and sometimes nearly impossible to find, so to be able to get these hooks stock on an already-good lipless crankbait is an incredible find, if I’m being honest. Several of the well-known pros really try to keep things quiet when it comes to this particular brand of hooks.

Maybe I’m just a creature of habit like most of us. I tend to find a certain type of hook and just stick with it but my experience with the Team Ark Elite Z-Series 63mm Lipless Crankbait has opened my eyes a bit in regards to hard bait hook selection. Maye I need to start giving other hooks a try more often.