Hook design

swimbait hook for bass fishing

This hook has a bend to it that I really like. I’d describe it as an O’Shaughnessy-style hook. With this style hook, the bend isn’t a perfect semi circle like you see with a traditional round bend hook. Instead it curls out more gradually and then makes a pretty sharp bend back up so that the hook point runs parallel to the hook shaft. I don’t know exactly why it is that this style hook works so well, but I picked one up years ago and had a lot of success with it and so I always like to see it incorporated into baits and think it’s something worth mentioning.

This style hook works particularly well with finesse baits with thinner wire hooks. I don’t really see it used much with bigger baits where round bend, straight shank and Extra Wide Gap hooks seem to dominate the landscape. But you see this style hook a lot with finesse baits like the Rig Jig Head and even Jewel’s own Pro Spider Jig and other finesse jig offerings. It’s a tried and true hook design that I really like and was glad to see used in this jig head design.