Hook and head

swimbait jighead for bass fishing

I really like the hook in this jighead. It’s a bold and strong hook, but still super sharp and not so thick that you can’t set it into a fish with 12-pound fluorocarbon. That’s about as light of line as I’d say you’d want to fish this on anyway. You’re typically only going to want to use this weedless version around vegetation, not out in open water. So you’ll need a little heavier line in case the fish pulls you down into the cover. And you could really even get by with braided line in some situations. The good news, the hook is plenty strong enough to hold up to whatever line you want to rig it on.

The head design is also pretty sweet. Z-Man put some magnum reflective eyes in this thing that catch a lot of light. I imagine the flash may help draw an extra strike or two and likely doesn’t hurt anything. But my favorite thing about the head design is that it is slender for its size. I believe that’s what helps this jighead stay up right so well. Ball head and wider jigheads are great for open-water scenarios because they exaggerate the wobble of a single swimbait.

But you don’t really want that when fishing around vegetation. The more your bait rocks side to side, the better chance you have to hang the cover. Your bait will come through the cover better if it stays more vertical with the hook pointed up. Though I haven’t had the opportunity to use this jig head around submerged hydrilla or milfoil yet, I believe this will be a great bait for it. I fished it mainly through sparse to fairly thick water willow and, for the same reasons, it worked extremely well.