The business-end of this bait is set up nicely as well. There’s a trailer keeper sticking just below the collar-area of the skirt. It’s one of the round trailer keepers as opposed to the barbed ones you see on a lot of baits. I like both but I will say this one tends to do better with the super stretchy soft plastics like Z-Man’s ElaZtech material. And I use those type baits as trailers often on a spinnerbait to prevent fish from biting the tails off and having to re-rig another trailer and trailer hook. So I like this style trailer keeper pretty good personally.

Then moving to the hook, it has a good length and bend to it. I believe this style hook is referred to as having an O’Shaughnessy bend. I like this bend on jigs and spinnerbaits. It’s a strong and sharp hook built to withstand big fish without bending. And this particular hook on the Strike King Tour Grade Double Willow Spinnerbait has stood up to that task as well.