Hollow body frog

bass fishing frog in water

A hollow body frog is another great bait for the immediate post spawn, giving you a good mix of power fishing and finesse. Like a glide bait, a hollow body frog has a lot of drawing power. But also like a wacky rig, it can be skipped back into places where a lot of other baits can’t go and it can be worked really subtly if the fish are behaving a little finicky that day.

A hollow body frog gives you a good bait that you can cover a little more water with as well. If you’re not careful though, you can fish it too fast, so be wary of that. But it’s definitely easier to cover more water effectively with a frog than it is with a wacky rig or even a glide bait really. And it’s especially effective on fisheries with lots of emergent vegetation like water willow, hydrilla and lily pads.