Hollow body frog

bass fishing frog

A hollow body frog is another topwater bait that I’ll go ahead and start tossing around even as the water temps are just beginning to make their way up into the 50s.

Both popping- and walking-style hollow body frogs like the SPRO Poppin’ Frog and the Snag Proof Phat Frog work well right out of the gate when the water starts to warm. It all comes back to the stop-and-go cadence for me, similarly to the prop baits. Being able to twitch the bait a couple times and then let it sit is just too much for a bass that’s hungry and either moving up to spawn, spawning or just coming off the bed.

You can actually use a frog like this to locate bedders as well, getting fish to roll up on a bait even if they’re not willing to eat it completely. It’s a good idea then to have a follow up bait like a wacky-rigged Senko on standby, so you can toss right back in the same spot and catch the fish you missed. The frog is also a great counterpart to the prop bait because you can throw it into heavier cover where the prop bait can’t go because of the multitude of treble hooks hanging from it.