High-speed gear ratios are a necessity

handle of a bass fishing reel

When you’re fishing in what I call close-combat situations, there is no room for error. You don’t need to be pitching and flipping with a 6.3:1 ratio cranking reel. When a bass bites in the thick stuff, your reel needs to eat up every inch of line as quickly as possible because if you let ’em, those big bass will wrap you around something gnarly in a New York minute.

Along with the shallow spool design, you can tell Lew’s isn’t messing around with this reel and they unapologetically designed it with something very specific in mind. Whether you’re left- or right-handed, you be able to get it in a 8.3:1 ratio which, throughout my testing, has been a huge help. No matter which position my rod is in when I get a bite, I can eat up any slack line and snatch that bass out of the cover and into my boat without any issues.