Heavy Duty Construction Throughout

colony 28D heavy duty construction

The hinges, seals and latches on this box are very well made and make for a very secure box when close and easily opened and used box on the water. You can do everything with one hand as I often have my hands full when I bank fish and travel to fish. I don’t mind to pay a little extra for a good tackle box. And I’ve really never understood the mentality of taking an expensive collection of fishing lures and storing them in a $5 dollar box that shatters when you drop it. I have more than $600 in lipless crankbaits in my Colony 28D box. I have another box of topwaters that has close to $1,000 in lures in it. I want to know when I my baits are in a box they are protected.

These Buzbe Colony boxes are weather sealed and have a tight bond when shut.