Heavier, more durable design at lower price


The Fate Black rods would fall in the heavier blank category to me. 13 Fishing constructed the blanks from Japanese 30-Ton HTC3 Low resin materials and covered them in a radioactive green paint. One thing I’ve noticed about the finish on these rods is that, while it looks bright, it is actually a more matte appearance. The paint doesn’t chip or crack like the clear coat on a many similarly priced rods. You will get a scuff if you drop the rod on the ground or bang it against something, but it will not compromise the integrity of the rod with a chip or spider cracks that can lead to weak points and breakage later. 

The powers and actions are a little on the heavier side as a result as well. I felt like the MH rod fished more like a blend between a MH and H rod. But I like that with this $99 rod, I can throw it in the bed of my truck and leave it. That way, I can stop when I’m out and about and make a few casts if I come up on some good looking water. I think guys that fish a lot in Johnboats, walk the banks or carry their fishing stuff in the back of their truck will really appreciate this bit heavier design.