Head design, belly weight and weedless characteristic

bass fishing jighead in hand

Everything about this product was intentionally designed to help it come through cover, I’d say particularly through vegetation and limbs. This bait is built to be dragged and wormed through cover while maintaining a horizontal orientation with the hook pointed up. The belly weight of the hook naturally hangs down in the water as the bait is pulled or reeled forward. The low-profile eye and the bullet-shaped head sheds grass and slips off wood as the bait is fished along as well. And then the hook point being rigged weedless ensures that this bait isn’t going to hang up very often.

For decades now, we’ve had the Texas rig and shaky head to fish through cover this way. But the majority of the soft plastics used with both of these presentations are twice or triple the size of what you can use with the Finesse BulletZ. Even weedless Ned rigs have a tendency to hang up in fairly thick cover and with their exposed hooks and added weed guards, they don’t have as clean of a look as the Finesse BulletZ. The natural orientation of a Ned rig also puts its head down and hook up, making it less efficient in the type of cover where the Finesse BulletZ shines the brightest. So this little jighead really opens up a whole new arena to finesse fishing fans.