Head design

bass fishing swimbait jighead

I like what the lure manufacturer did here with the design of the head. I’m guilty quite often of rigging up a single swimbait or umbrella rig with simple ball-head shaky heads out of convenience. I don’t fish this way often until the fall rolls around, so I just kind of grab for whatever is in the box the first time or two I rig one of these up. But the Jewel Rig Jig Heads were specifically designed with a small swimbait in mind and it really shows. For starters, the head is pointed and thin from side to side, kind of like an arrowhead.

This helps it stay upright and cut through the water better much like an arrowhead would cut through the air. This is particularly beneficial when rigging a single Rig Jig Head with a swimbait. The head design helps keep the bait from rolling to the side. This design also lessens the resistance of an umbrella rig when you take into consideration 5 of these jigheads versus 5 ball-head jigheads. The heads being more streamline allows an umbrella rig to be fished deeper with lighter weight heads, since they cut through the water better and don’t cause the rig to rise as much.