Equipped with thin-wire, round-bend Gamakatsu treble hooks, the Micro DD is definitely a sticky little bait. The oval split ring on the line tie is nice, too. I like oval split rings for line ties versus circle ones because they seem to help the bait run better. The Micro DD certainly runs true right out of the box too but I did notice one thing worth mentioning.

You don’t want to just start burning this bait back as soon as it hits the water. The tendency for many of us with a deep-diving crankbait is to just start cranking on it hard as soon as you start to reel in an attempt to get the bait to dig down to the desired depth quickly. But, burning this bait as soon as it hits the water makes it blowout to the side or do circles. Instead, just simply start reeling the bait at a normal pace and what you’ll find is that it digs deep quickly on its own. It shoots straight down and then you can speed your retrieve up a bit if you’d like and it runs really true.