Hard baits

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You can also use dye markers to fine-tune hard baits. You can take a shad pattern, like Strike King’s Sexy Shad, and a chartreuse marker and turn it into their Chartreuse Sexy Shad color right quick. This is very helpful when you found a bait that the fish are dialed in on and you lose your last lure of that exact model. Or you find yourself around an abundance of shad and you want to match the hatch, but also need to add a little something extra to your presentation to get the fish to single out your lure. Adding a little chartreuse to hard baits like this is beneficial too if you start to move from clear to stained water.

Dipping dye as well as dye markers can be used to modify lots of presentations. Adding a little chartreuse to the back of your favorite green pumpkin bait can make all the difference at times. And dipping the tips of a craw trailer may be just what you need to really dial your jig in. Or perhaps you need a little something to get a fish to commit to your umbrella rig, try adding a little dye to the tail or your middle swimmer.
And then don’t forget you can dress up a hard bait as well by changing the hue of its coat to standout a little more in the crowd or the stain. Hopefully these tips will help you catch more fish the next time you hit the water.