Handy kit at your finger tips

tools in fishing tool kit

Having a big kit with specialty tools is nice, but again, not all boats have the space for additional boxes and trays. The Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Tool Kit is very easily mountable in your boat without any drilling required. It includes a great pair of scissors, two screwdrivers, a hook file, their famous fishing glue and a chartreuse marker that fits into a roto-molded holder that is perfect for the items chosen and fits perfectly in a boat, tackle bag or even a backpack.

Tools most often used are easily accessible and I have added clips, tie wraps and a roll of electrical tape to my arsenal too. You may not be able to fix everything on the boat with this kit but at a minimum, you have a fighting chance to keep yourself on the water. How many times are you digging around looking for a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to find them on the floor or rusted? Not anymore.