Handles well on the reel

fishing line on a fishing reel

I tend to have very little patience with coarse, memory-filled fishing lines. It’s just one of those pet peeves I have when it comes to fishing tackle. That’s why when I buy line, I usually splurge a little bit and get the best I can afford. If it avoids frustration and backlashes while I’m trying to catch fish, I believe it’s worth it.

Good news is, this Yo-Zuri Hybrid gives you very good manageability without breaking the bank. I’ve been cranking primarily with the 12-pound test as the temperatures drop and for a 275-yard spool, it only costs you $7.99. That’s an insane deal, in my opinion.

Usually when I see a similar price point on fishing line, however, I’m a little hesitant about the purchase—I think a lot of anglers are probably like that. But man, this stuff really behaves nicely on both spinning and casting reels. Once I get up to the 15-pound test, I’ll spray a little line conditioner on the spool about once a week because it can develop just a small bit of memory but if you think about it, what line doesn’t at the 15-pound mark? But the smaller diameters handle very similar to much higher-end and more expensive fishing lines without any special treatment.