Hand-tied skirt


Another next level move with the construction of this spinnerbait is the use of a metal wire tie to secure the skirt. Using metal or thread instead of a rubber collar to secure skirts on jigs, spinnerbaits, vibrating jigs and buzzbaits is referred to as hand tying them. This method requires a little more time and is often reserved for higher end baits. But it does a much better job of keeping the skirt on the bait than a rubber collar does.

The one drawback is that sometimes the wire will actually cut through the silicone skirting. When looking closely at the Tour Grade spinnerbait, it looks as though Strike King used a combination of a rubber collar and hand-tied metal wire to secure the trailer, using the collar to protect the skirting from the sharp metal wire. I’ve seen this done on a few baits and it’s a very effective method and good combination of the best of both worlds.