Great rod balance


Rod balance is an often overlooked attribute in rod design, in my opinion. They make rods to be light, to have certain tip action or taper to handle certain techniques, but the way the rod balances with a reel on it is sometimes an afterthought. 

This was one thing St. Croix really got right with the Victory rods. They studied and perfected the rod torque on these rods which is basically the weight on the rod in front of the reel and how much it pulls your rod down.

So if a rod has too much torque pulling the tip down, you will feel like the rod is “sluggish” and what a lot of us call “tip heavy.” A tip-heavy rod translates to a lot of forearm strain after several consecutive long days on the water because you are constantly applying extra unnatural effort to keep the rod tip up. 

The St. Croix Victory rods were painstakingly tested for balance with an average of popular reel weights on them to ensure you get a rod that feels good on the cast and the retrieve and doesn’t add extra fatigue to your hands and forearms.