Great looking colors


You’ll have 1o colors to choose from if you decide to try the RaZor ShadZ. The colors are consistent and lifelike, so you should have no problems finding a combination that closely mimics the prominent bass forage in your area. Below are the color combinations I use the most:

  • Pearl – In lowlight conditions and clear water, this is a tough color to beat. I pair it with any white-colored Chatterbait Jack Hammer. 
  • Smokey Shad – Because this color has a lot of flake in it, it has a great flash in clear to moderately stained water on sunny days. Stick with a white-colored bladed swim jig and you’ll catch bass. 
  • Breaking Bream – When you put this on the back of a green pumpkin Chatterbait, it’s as good of a bluegill or small panfish imitation that I’ve seen. I tend to use this color on sunny days in the late spring and throughout the entire summer when water temperatures are between 70 and 90 degrees, which is when bluegill become a major player in my part of the country. 
  • Green Pumpkin – When it’s cloudy and you know they’re eating panfish, this is an excellent choice. It doesn’t have any reflective flake in it, which gives it a bold silhouette in lowlight conditions.