Great Keeper and Head Design


The Grip Tech Keeper System holds a swimbait on the Gem Blade amazinging well. Most of the time the bait tears before it gets torn up at the connection to the spinnerbait head. So I’m able to get a bunch of fish thrashing around on one swimbait. 

And when it wears out, you can take the Keitech Swing Impact FAT off and thread whatever color swimbait you want in a flash to match water color or forage you realize they are feeding on and instantly change the profile and character of your spinnerbait to match.

I also love that the elbow is twisted wire so your tie stays in place. I sometimes use braid with this specific setup so I can snatch it hard out of grass and clear it easily if I’m fishing where the grass is breaking off or laying on the surface. Braid just handles that specific situation easier. Most of the time I’m using 17-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon though as I think this has spinnerbait and swimbait appeal and it catches good ones.