Good set of hooks, quality skirting and other details


The most important component of any frog is the hook and the one Z-Man used here is a good one. I almost always have to bend the hooks up a little on a frog but Z-Man starts you off here with a nicely angled point. Having the hook pointed up a little increases your hookup ratio tremendously. And if you’re not familiar with the process of bending up a frog hook, you can certainly go too far and damage the integrity of the hook to the point it will open all the way up on a fish or even break. So it’s nice the Z-Man eliminated the need to modify the bait yourself in that way.

The trimmings of the bait are solid too. Quality silicone skirting ensures this bait will last several trips instead of melting and getting all sticky like some baits do with rubber skirting. The color schemes look good too with nice detail. It’s also available in three natural colors and a black option. To finish everything off, these frogs have big, realistic eyes.