Good profile for look and swim


The Baby Boom Boom Swimbait was designed by Fred Roumbanis who learned swimbait fishing out on lakes like Clear Lake that are full of big bass and cover like docks and tules. So he was looking for a swimbait that not only had a great swim at a medium speed but also that he could cast precisely and skip under cover. A do-it-all swimbait for covering water.

The original 6-inch Boom Boom swimbait is also a great bait but I have found the 4 1/2 inch Baby Boom Boom works in a lot more scenarios and probably a lot more fisheries where a 4-inch shad or other baitfish is a lot more common.

It has a good kick that you can feel and it’s ability to slide under cover is one of the better ones I’ve seen in a swimbait.