Good on spinning reels


If you like to use spinning reels, you’ll be quite impressed with this line. It doesn’t feel “crunchy” on the spool like many other fluorocarbon lines and it comes off the spool cleanly and without issue. I’ve purposely tested it on spinning reels in high winds and I have yet to experience a single wind knot while using it. You don’t necessarily have to feather your bail during the cast, either; it performs very well, even when slack line is introduced into the cast.

With all of that being said, however, you pay a premium for these advantages. Starting at $39.99 per 200-yard spool, Seaguar Tatsu is not in everyone’s price range. But if you can spring the extra cash for a spool of line, this is one worth testing for yourself. Whether you’re a power or finesse angler, its combination of strength and limpness is beyond impressive.