Good now, gonna be great then


I fished this bait in the summer, as soon as I could get my hands on it. And it caught fish, in particular in areas where I’ve caught them well on a small swimbait/jighead combo in the past, which I thought was interesting and eye opening. But I’m really looking forward to throwing this bait in the fall and winter. During the fall, a lot of the shad are smaller on many of the fisheries we frequent. And the SPRO Little John MD 50 has long been a solid bait for us during that time of the year. But having another flat-sided bait in that same lineup that will dive a little deeper and is 3/4 inches shorter is pretty exciting.

I’m particularly amped up for the winter months when a Shad Rap really shines, because that’s a bait that this lure reminds me of, while still setting itself apart. The Little John Micro DD 45 has flatter and taller sides than a Shad Rap and a different bill to it with a little more top to bottom flash, but it’s a bait that I believe will do extremely well when targeting bass at the same strikezone as a Shad Rap that time of year. I don’t think this bait will replace a Shad Rap for me because that would be hard to do. But it will definitely give me a complimentary bait to show the fish something different when the Shad Rap bite is strong.