Good mix of powers, actions, tapers and composites


The Tharp Series features 9 standard high-modulus graphite carbon fiber rods with 3 composite glass graphite combinations that give the rods a softer load for certain applications. The lengths, powers, actions, tapers and handles give this rod line a unique blend of performance based actions geared to multiple applications in bass fishing.

From 7-foot, 6-inch King Cobra heavy power rod for flipping and pitching to the 7-foot, 4-inch MH B-Hittay composite glass rod for Chatterbait fishing like Randall Tharp learned from expert Brett Hite, these rods are designed with very specific requirements for how Tharp likes to fish different baits. That means a little more backbone on a square bill rod. A little more length on a flipping or punching rod and more.

For instance, I’ve been throwing a jerkbait a lot on the 6-foot, 9-inch One Eyed Jack, and it’s a little different than other jerkbait sticks I throw this time of year. It doesn’t seem as flimsy but was very pliable when landing a couple nice bass over 5 pounds last week on 10-pound line and tiny treble hooks.