Good-looking bait

lipless crankbait for bass fishing

Yo-Zuri really went the extra mile when it comes to the detail of this lure. There’s a super-fine 3D scale pattern on these baits, which closely mimics what you’d see from a real shad or other small baitfish; the realistic eyes add a nice touch as well. More importantly, the eyes are durable, holding up to repetitive smacking of the bait on the water, which is sometimes necessary in order to remove debris from the trebles of a lipless crank. This is a test that the eyes of many lipless crankbaits fail, as a few smacks on the surface usually results in a one-eyed bait from that point forward.

There are also a wide range of color choices in the Rattl’n Vibe One Knock. There are a few holographic baits that have a reflective foil-style paint job. These will work really well when trying to imitate shad in muddy or low-light scenarios, along with the solid brighter colors like Brown Gold and Citrus Shad. Then there are the red craw imitators as well for the prespawn bite and some really natural colors for clear water, bright days.