Good, clean power

wiring harness for marine electronics

The beauty of the Sea Clear harness is the shielded 8 gauge copper wire, shutoff switch and unique connectors. They also include top-rate inline fuse assemblies to make sure the units are protected but also won’t fail there due to inferior wiring on most factory fuse connectors. They were also a failure point early on and were conducive to noise entering the system. Eliminating all variables for good clean power is the ultimate goal and can be a huge difference for your batteries and the displays.

I have used the Sea Clear harness on my two recent boat builds and it has made a huge difference in picture quality. Additionally, it allows the units to pick up objects they were designed for. In the early days, just having power to the unit was good enough but not anymore. Another thing I have noticed is a more efficient battery use and no more blue screens of death or blinking units even after a long day on the water. That, in itself, makes a big difference but also allows for faster charge times and less wear and tear on the batteries.

Recently I’ve gone to a dedicated battery for accessories only and have left my starting battery solely for the big engine and livewell pumps. I also run my Hydrowave separately to the starting battery as voltage spikes can be the enemy of electronics; making sure 6 gauge trolling motor wire is run opposite of the harness also helps eliminate radio frequency noise (RF). Ferrite blocks/rings on the power sources also eliminates or reduces RF noise too.