Good blanks


 Lew’s rod builders did a great job with the blanks Team Lew’s Custom Pro Speed Sticks and these new Rose rods add to that very successful rod line launch with several more actions designed for big ledge crankbaits, swimbaits, jigs and more. The blanks are a great blend of strength and sensitivity. The longer 7-foot, 11-inch Heavy crankbait rod can really heave a 10XD sized magnum deep crankbait. But they went ahead and made a foray into the 9-foot rod lengths with an absolute rocket launcher of a rod. That blank is fun and will throw a big crankbait a mile. 

The 7-foot, 6-inch swimbait rod is probably my favorite rod in the whole line-up. I’ve thrown big swimbaits, deep spinnerbaits, and it’s my favorite rod for big topwaters like a Whopper Plopper 130.