Good action


First things first, I want to be able to fish a frog with little effort. For a popping frog, that is twofold. Obviously, it has to have a good spitting action when you pop the bait. And the 13 Fishing Trash Panda Poppin’ Frog does, giving off a good little chug to a pretty big splash depending on how hard you twitch the bait. But a popping frog needs to be able to do more than pop in my opinion.

I also want to be able to walk a popping frog pretty easily. There are walking-style hollow body frogs with a pointed nose that are meant just for that style of fishing. But sometimes I like to walk a popping frog too, here’s why. I tend to use a popping frog when I’m either wanting to cover more water since the popping sound draws fish in from farther away. Or I’ll use it almost exclusively once the water gets above 72 degrees since the fish are fairly aggressive at that point.

But still, there are times when the fish will blow up on a popping frog and not get it right away. That’s when I like to be able to walk the bait… or when I’m coming up to a particularly juicy piece of cover where I want the bait to linger a little longer. The 13 Fishing Trash Panda Poppin’ Frog is a great frog in my book because it’s extremely easy to walk and therefore lends itself well to my style of fishing.