Glide Fluke Head a little larger


While it can’t achieve that same wild action as a soft jerk bait can, it is weighted very well so that it keeps from rolling to much on twitches. So you can get in a rhythm and work it fast just under the surface a lot like a fleeing shad. I have had some good days already doing that on windy banks where fish were ambushing bait blown in with the wind. 

But I’ve also had some good days jerking it around slower and deeper. I have been playing recently with ultra slow retrieves with a pull and twitch cadence and pausing a lot to let the bait get down to depth. I have caught some big ones on it already, and you will develop a feel for how to work the bait to make it look most natural in the water. 

You can of course just reel it in straight or with hard handle turns but I’ve had more fun playing with a twitch and pause.