Glide bait

glide baits for bass fishing

A glide bait is perhaps one of the most exciting baits to throw during the immediate post spawn. This is one of the best times of year to get several bites on a glide bait but these baits are just fun to throw regardless of whether you get a bunch of bites on them or not, because you’re able to interact with the bait as you fish it.

Fishing this bait just beneath the surface, you’re able to watch a glide bait as you generate different actions with twitches of the rod tip and pauses in the reeling cadence. This is a great bait to use around shallow cover like docks, brush, stumps and grass lines where big post-spawn bass set up shop to ambush prey. These fish are typically worn out from the spawn and looking to grab a big meal with as little effort as possible, which makes a glide bait the perfect menu item as it lumbers along just overhead.