Get the drop on ‘em

drop shot rig for bass fishing

Calling this his last-resort bait, Faircloth always keeps a drop shot rigged with a 5-inch Strike King Fat Baby Finesse worm handy. After he’s gone through with his bigger stuff, if he’s still marking fish, he’ll make a few parting shots with the finesse rig.

“Maybe it’s a really clear, highly pressured, no-wind scenario and it’s hard to get a bite,” Faircloth said of the drop shot’s strategic appeal. “A lot of times a drop shot will get bites when other baits won’t. I’ll fish it more around the outside of cover, as opposed to in the cover.”

No doubt, most thoughts of summer worm fishing involve heftier offerings, but don’t be afraid to pull out the light rig. It might only get you one more bite, but a bite is a bite.