Get straight to the point


When you first look at one of Trokar’s hooks, you’ll immediately notice the point is very different. It’s surgically sharpened on 3 sides, so the inside of the hook point has a slant to it like almost all other hooks but now the outside of the hook point also has a slant to it on each side. Most hook manufacturers just let the round wire run out on this outside section of the hook point.

This obviously makes the hook a good bit sharper, requiring less effort for a hookset which makes all the difference in deep water and on long casts. But what I like about this point in particular, is that the hook cuts through the soft plastic better on the hookset.

When I Texas rig a bait, I like to bring my hook all the way through the plastic and then tuck just the tip back into the bait to ensure it’s weedless. The only problem with that is some soft plastics are tough and the hook won’t come out on the hookset, at times even digging further into the bait. The point of the Trokar EWG has that unique sharp edge on the surface side of the bait that slices through the plastic with minimal effort.