Get behind the bait

fisherman getting a lure unsnagged

Another good way to free a bait from the bottom, is to reposition the boat behind it. If I get snagged fishing deep and haven’t been able to pop a bait undone and either don’t have have a plug knocker or don’t want to risk losing the one I have, I’ll reposition on the opposite side of whatever I’m snagged on and try to pull the bait backwards to free it.

It’s best to begin adding a little pressure to your line as you start to get even with the bait since you often don’t have to be a complete 180 degrees in the opposite direction for the bait to come free. As the angle of the pressure changes, the hook will often pop free from the obstruction.

These four tactics have really helped me calm the storm of rage that tries to rear its ugly head the occasional two-dozen times I get hung every fishing trip. Remembering to keep calm on initial contact is crucial though. At first, try popping the bait undone. If that doesn’t work, you can either try to get behind the bait and pull it free or knock it lose using your rod tip up shallow or a plug knocker out deep. If none of these work, pull hard and hope the bait comes lose before the line breaks or the hook bends.

That’s about all you can do as far as I know. If you’ve got a better idea, let us know and we may share it on the site. We’re certainly always looking for cool fishing ideas.