Fun jerkbait that gets it done

berkley stunna 112 with smallmouth bass

I’ve had a lot of fun fishing the Stunna 112 jerkbait. I’ve fished it shallow around rip rap, docks and laydowns. I’ve fished it deeper over brush piles, on channel swings and points. It fishes well both shallow and deep. It will throw a long way so you can cover a lot of water in one pass. It draws fish with its look and sound. I’ve had a lot of fun catching a variety of fish on it including largemouth, smallmouth, drum, bluegill and crappie. It darts hard side to side and can draw fish from a distance. It mimics dying shad really well and I’ve had some slack-snatching strikes on the pause from fish bee-lining out of deep water to get it.

The Berkley Stunna retails for $14.99 and comes in 14 great colors. That’s been one of the things I like most about it is that every color in the lineup is a good one depending on time and locality.

You can find the Berkley Stunna 112 at these online retailers: