Fun bait around bluegill beds and wolfpack fish

jason with sunny b twin spin bass

I had a lot of fun on my last bass outing getting blowups on the Sunny B Twin Spin in the early morning hours around where bluegill had been spawning. Early in the morning I was catching them on a straight slow retrieve and then by mid morning it was the chop-pause-chop retrieve that got it done.

In the summer, when bass are wolf packing in the shallow pockets, a prop bait is hard to beat. Worked on grass edges, backs of pockets, under dock walkways and around shallow wood, the Pro Sunny B Twin Spin has done a really great job catching those shallow spooky fish wolfpacking on bait up shallow.

The Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin is well made and hooks fish well. You can find them at these retailers: