Full post spawn

bass fishing electronics screen

After spending a couple weeks hunkered down under docks and buried up in mid-depth brush, the bass will begin to move deeper and deeper as the surface temps rise and the warmer water temps push deeper. Now the definition of deep varies from fishery to fishery depending on several factors like water current and clarity. The clearer and calmer the water, the deeper the bass will often push.

But on a fishery with a lot of current and a little color to the water, the fish won’t typically push nearly as deep as they do on the clearer fisheries. Reason being, the current stirs the water up and brings cooler water closer to the surface. And the sunlight doesn’t penetrate as deep in stained or muddy water as it does in clear water, so the warmer water temps don’t typically get as deep on stained fisheries, meaning the bass don’t have to go as deep to find cooler water.

Regardless of how deep the fish set up offshore, the bass are hungry, a little revived and ready to eat in the full post spawn. Baits like deep-diving crankbaits, jigs and Texas-rigged worms work well in this window fished along offshore humps, points and other structure.