Full-contact reel seat

reel seat of a bass fishing rod

I think crankbait fishing rubs some folks the wrong way because they get snagged a lot. While two sets of treble hooks hanging off of a bait can certainly increase that possibility, a sensitive rod made specifically for this technique can make things a lot easier.

This rod is designed by Kevin VanDam who is one of the very best crankbait anglers in the world, in my opinion. He knows exactly what to look for in a cranking rod and that definitely shows with this rod. Pictured above, you’ll see the full-contact reel seat that transmits vibration beautifully throughout the retrieve. Not only can you feel bites with ease but you can also feel when your crankbait collides with cover, which allows you to quickly pause your retrieve to both elicit reaction strikes and reduce hang-ups. I think even the novice crankbait angler will take a liking to this rod because it will drastically shorten any learning curve.

The sensitivity this $109 rod offers is comparable to many $200-plus rods I’ve tested throughout my career.