Freedom Terminal Tackle


Freedom Tackle Corp. has introduced a whole new line of terminal tackle that includes the following: FT Wire Drop Shot Weights, FT Tungsten Flipping/Worm Weights, FT Drop Shot Weights, FT Tungsten Nail Weights, FT Ned Rig, FT Tube Jigheads, FT Shaky Heads, FT Swimbait Heads, and FT Punch and Peg Stoppers. 

The FT Wire drop shot weights gives you rigging options with an innovative weight with a thru wire  that prevents your weights from snagging. The FT Tube Heads (nicknamed the Whale) feature a unique weight shape that keeps the weight below the hook so it stays positioned mid body, giving you better hook penetration. Their weights are embossed with the sizes so you won’t have to guess with your terminal tackle.