Free rig, on a whole different level


Now if you really want to amp things up, add a Z-Man ElaZtech soft plastic to your free rig. Where most soft plastics sink, or at best kind of suspend, Z-Man’s ElaZtech material floats. So as you pause your free rig and drop your rod tip, the soft plastic will start to float up as the weight stays on the bottom and the line slides through the loop. Then as you make another drag, the soft plastic will be pulled back down to the bottom where the weight is.

With slow movements and a methodical cadence, you can create a really effective presentation where your bait mimics a small fish, worm or crawfish swimming up a foot or two and back down to the bottom over and over throughout your retrieve. Something fish rarely see artificially replicated on a horizontal presentation, but more like what you might be able to accomplish in one spot vertically fishing a drop shot. This allows you to cast and cover more ground with a similar presentation to a dropshot, without having to position your boat directly over the fish.