Found some good bait chasers with it this weekend


I love the bait roaming chasers. You can basically just hunt big balls of shad with your eyes or your electronics and just fish in and around them to catch these bass. Some of the fish I caught were just under the surface and some were around some sort of cover like a dock, a brush pile or just a point of land extending out into the bay. 

The wire weed guard is nice because you can bend it out to help block more cover or bend it down to make it stick fish easier in open water. And several of the bass I hooked wallowed out a pretty good hole as I was fighting them. The wire guard, however, acted like a safety pin, making it where the head couldn’t get thrown. It seemd like it locked the swimbait head into place where you could have a hole open up and not lose the fish. That was an added bonus I didn’t expect.