Forward-facing sonar


I was fortunate enough to buy into this one pretty early on. I bought a 10-inch Garmin a couple years ago with the PS22 transducer that has the more traditional sonar color palette with the blues, reds and greens. It wasn’t the Livescope like you see pictured here. The same concept as Livescope, but not as clear and easy to distinguish. You’d see a stump as blob on the bottom, but wouldn’t be able to tell a fish was relating to it unless there was a foot or two between them. And it was still unbelievably effective.

I’ve since sold that boat but while I had that graph I was able to sit off of cover and fish what was all around me without getting directly overtop of it. That’s the basic gist of what makes forward-facing sonar so different and beneficial. And even with that transducer where it was harder to tell exactly what I was looking at, I still knew something was there. So I would just fish it like I knew a fish was there. I caught a lot of fish because of it.

I know this technology is expensive, but it’s something you simply cannot ignore. Hopefully with several of the major sonar players getting involved, the competition will bring the price down a little. Regardless, it’s not going anywhere and you’re going to about have to have it if you’re going to try to catch a fish in more than 5 feet of water in a few years. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but it’s almost a certainty.