Focus on hard cover


I’m very water temperature-oriented when fishing the first cold front of the year; as we discussed in the previous section, a single degree increase in water temperature can make all the difference in the world for a bass. They can be pretty finicky creatures when it comes to water temperature.

This is the main reason I like to target hard cover during these fronts. Hard cover tends to attract and retain heat better than soft cover such as vegetation. So I really like to target pieces of cover such as rocks, wood and especially metal boat and jetski lifts. That metal will warm up quicker than anything in the water and the bass will snug up to it and use it as a blanket all day long. It might sound a little weird but by gosh, it sure works.

Cold-front bass will still get around vegetation and what not but it still seems as if hard cover is the preferred option in this situation. Don’t be afraid to tick your bait off of these metal boat and jetski lifts, either. That small and subtle sound will often trigger these lethargic cold-front bass to bite out of pure reaction when they’d otherwise not feed.