Fluke vs. Salty Super Fluke

zoom fluke for bass fishing

The bait I’ve always referred to as a Fluke is the actually the Zoom Salty Super Fluke. The Salty Super Fluke is the bait most anglers think of when they hear the term “Fluke” and the bait that set the standard for a whole genre of soft-plastic fishing lures. Nowadays, regardless of the manufacturer of any given soft-plastic jerkbait, people typically refer to it as a Fluke, much like many anglers call all vibrating jigs ChatterBaits.

But the Original Zoom Fluke is a good bit different than its larger cousin, the Salty Super Fluke. The Salty Super Fluke is thicker, with a split in the belly and is 5 1/4 inches long. The original Zoom Fluke is only 4 inches long, has a narrower profile and doesn’t have the split in the belly. These traits make these two baits distinctly different.

For instance, I love to fish a Salty Super Fluke rigged weightless and weedless like a floating worm during the spawn. You can do this with a Fluke, but you’ll need spinning gear and it’s not as effective in my opinion. But there are just as many or more things the Fluke can do that the Salty Super Fluke can’t.