cull tag floats in bass fishing boat livewell

Rapala did a nice job with the floats on this set of cull tags as well. I like that they laser etched numbers onto the six floats to help anglers identify which fish is which without pulling them all out each time. And laser etching the numbers onto the floats ensures they won’t rub or wear off like some that are painted on do.

Using EVA foam, Rapala created a nice-sized float that stays at or near the surface without causing a lot of issues. Some cull systems have really big floats, four or five times as big as these. Those larger floats can be cumbersome, get tangled easily and cause unnecessary stress on a fish in the livewell.

These smaller floats don’t tangle nearly as much and they stay near the surface where you can easily grab them. But if a fish wants to lay on the bottom of a particularly deep livewell like the one in my Triton, they can do so, since they don’t have a giant bobber hooked to their lip tugging them up to the surface. But even then, the float is right near the surface and easy to grab.