Flipping, pitching and punching

punching rig for bass fishing

Though these are really three separate techniques, we’re going to touch on all of them at once for this piece since there’s already a ton of existing content talking about using a straight-shank hook for these applications.

There is a debate worth mentioning as to whether or not a Snell knot really increases the hookup ratio or not. Regardless, a straight-shank hook is undeniably the best for these techniques with most soft plastics, especially for punching.

A straight-shank hook creates a more streamlined presentation compared to a traditional worm hook or EWG (extra wide gap) hook. A punching bait goes through thick mats cleaner when rigged on a straight-shank hook and the same holds true for a soft plastic rigged to pitch or flip around shallow cover. A straight-shank hook creates a cleaner profile thus giving you the most snag-resistant presentation.