Flambeau Ike Series Soft Side Bags and Packs


Catered to suit the needs of a fast paced angler like Mike “IKE” Iaconelli always on the run, the Flambeau Outdoors IKE Speed Sling Backpack is the perfect marriage of consolidation and convenience with storage possibilities ideal for kayak fishing, quick trip co-anglers, and urban explorers fishing waterways from the bank. The compact and durable construction designed for the run-and-gun angler keeps the right tackle handy when adventuring for the bite. Whether you’re an old school, new school or after school angler, or Mike Iaconelli himself, the Speed Sling is a necessity for those looking to go from home to honey hole in a hurry with all of the essentials. 

The mobile arsenal solution for when IKE needs a portable tackle shop, the Flambeau Outdoors 5TK Backpack boasts a high storage capacity in a condensed solution for the nomadic angler. Lightweight unloaded but reinforced to bear a heavy load of tackle in tow, the 5TK Backpack is designed to give the traveling pack rat a carry-all answer for gear and tackle selection options A through Z plus the kitchen sink. Built for simplicity and pure fishing function co-designed with IKE, this backpack hauls anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere when chasing the hot bite.            

Blueprinted by Mike “IKE” Iaconelli for top-notch tackle organization and protection on-the-go by either the novice or the pro, the Flambeau Outdoors IKE 4TK Duffle features ample storage space for up to (5) 4000 series Tuff Tainers and easy-access accessory pockets for fundamental gear. For those who prefer to travel light but fish fast like IKE, the 4TK keeps the essentials on-hand for the excitement at the end of a line.