Fizzing needle


Now there is a little controversy around this one but the majority of anglers agree that this is a great way to give some deep-water fish the best chance possible to survive. For those who don’t know what a fizzing needle is or what it’s used for, let me briefly explain. A bass has an air bladder, or swim bladder, that it can inflate and deflate in order to live and swim comfortably at different depths.

When bass are pulled up quickly from deep water, the rapid change in pressure makes it difficult for them to regulate this air bladder and it can become overinflated. Then, whether you put the fish back into the lake or put it over into the livewell, the fish will roll over as its overinflated air bladder rises to the surface. This disorients the fish and typically kills it. If you have a fizzing needle though, you can “fizz” the fish by inserting the needle into the fish’s air bladder. You can find more on how to actually fizz a fish here.